MBRP 5" Cat-Back PLM Series, Single Side Exit

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The main characteristic of the PLM Series is the two-piece tail and muffler replacement with the MBRP muffler delete. Not only does this exhaust system provide the most aggressive sound among the Aluminized Steel models, it also maximizes free flow within the exhaust. Combined with an affordable price, the PLM Series is an excellent pick for enthusiasts on a budget.

  • Made out of Aluminized Steel
  • Most Aggressive Sound among Aluminized Steel Exhaust Systems
  • Bolt-on Installation with no Welding Required
  • Limited One Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Standard Muffler Delete Pipe
  • Two-piece Tail Design
  • Improves Performance
  • Provides Better Flow Within the Exhaust System
  • Minimizes Exhaust Temperatures
  • Can Rust Through if Damaged

Top Features

Aluminized Steel

Heavy-duty Aluminized Steel used to create the PLM Series is made out of mild steel with a coating to prevent rust. Exhaust systems of this type excel in climate without snow and rust-inducing conditions, and can last a long time as long as they’re not damaged. They’re the best option for an exhaust if you’re on a budget.

PLM Series

When looking into buying an aftermarket exhaust system, many people put sound high up on the list. MBRP understands that, which is why the PLM No Muffler Series delivers the most aggressive sound that is guaranteed to make an impression. Combine that with excellent craftsmanship and a budget price, and it’ll be hard to find a system as good as the PLM Series.


PLM Series comes with a 1-year workmanship warranty which protects against any manufacturing defects, excluding corrosion/rust induced damage. MBRP backs their products heavily, so that you can have peace of mind.

What’s in the Box

  • Tail Pipe
  • 5" Band Clamp
  • Over-Axle Pipe
  • 5" Band Dual Hanger Clamp
  • Muffler Delete
  • 5" Band Hanger Clamp
  • 5" Hanger Clamp
  • 3.5" To 5" Extension Pipe
  • 3.5" Clamp