K&N Performance Air Intake System

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The K&N Roto-Molded Performance Air Intake System is designed to enhance vehicle performance by allowing your engine to inhale a larger amount of air than the stock air filter assembly. It is also designed to improve acceleration, towing and throttle response while providing world class protection for your engine against contaminants and dust by using a High-Flow Air Filter. Plus, your truck will have a much nicer intake growl!

  • Significantly Improves Airflow To The Engine For Enhanced Performance
  • Sleek Aesthetics And Available In An Assortment Of Finishes And Powder Coatings.
  • Easy To Install With Basic Hand Tools
  • Backed By A 10-year/Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Comes With An Oversized Washable High-flow Air Filter
  • Enhanced Engine Growl During Acceleration
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Protects Damage To Critical System Against Dust, Dirt And Contaminants
  • Features Heat-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene Intake Tube

Vehicle Fitment

Dodge / Cummins: '94-18

Ford / Powerstroke: '99-19

GM / Duramax: '01-19

Top Features

Enhanced Horsepower and Torque

K&N Roto-Molded Air Intake System is designed to unleash horsepower and torque with more direct, less restricted airflow. These intake systems are rigorously tested to ensure high-performance standards and durability.

Enhanced Engine Sound

Get more low-end grunt and turbo whistle! K&N Roto-Molded Air Intake System is designed to produce a satisfying growl upon acceleration, yet quiet once at speed to ensure a satisfying highway experience.

Easy Installation

Now bolt-on power in 45 minutes or less by using only basic hand tools. K&N Roto-Molded Air Intake System is designed to use existing factory holes and mounting points in the vehicle for installation, which eliminates the hassle of any cutting or drilling under the hood.

Oversized Washable High-Flow Air Filter

K&N Roto-Molded Air Intake System houses a large conical shaped high-flow air filter for enhancing more airflow at lower restriction than the stock air filters which is limited to the size of the factory air box. The oversized air filter also captures and holds more dust increasing the service life before cleaning (up to 50,000 miles).

Protects Your Engine

Now get improved performance and enhanced engine protection together. K&N Air Intake System features a State-of-the-art filtration system with innovative design of layered and oiled cotton media with thousands of microscopic cotton fibers for shielding your engine from dust and air contaminants.

Durable And Precision Based Engineering At Work

K&N Roto-molded cold air intake system features a lightweight high-density polyethylene intake tube and airbox. This entire system is highly heat-resistant and ties in nicely with the OEM engine bay.

Be Environment Friendly. Be A Hero!

Everyone loves a fire-breathing diesel - Nobody loves landfills. Let's do both!

The air filter in the K&N Air Intake System is constructed with premium quality cotton gauze which can be washed and reinstalled even after 100,000 miles of use. You can help reduce the 100 million disposable filters which are discarded in landfills each year by installing the K&N reusable filter.

What’s in the Box

  • Intake Tube
  • Air Filter
  • Airbox
  • Edge Trim For Airbox
  • Couplers And Clamps For Installation
  • Instruction Manual