K&N Blackhawk Series Air Intake System

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The K&N Blackhawk Induction air intake systems are housed with layered dryflow synthetic filters for providing increased airflow and exceptional engine protection without the hassle of using oil on the filter. It also features a steel heat shield that protects the intake air from the high temperatures of your engine bay.

  • Significantly Improves Airflow To The Engine For Enhanced Performance
  • Powder-coated Aluminum Intake Tube
  • Backed By A 10-year/Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Easy To Install With Basic Hand Tools
  • Cone-shaped, Oil-Free Synthetic Filter
  • Engineered To Provide Protection Against Dust, Dirt And Contaminants
  • Custom-engineered For A Direct Fit In Place of Your Stock Intake
  • Mandrel-bent Aluminum Intake Tube Construction

Top Features

Enhanced Horsepower And Torque

K&N Blackhawk Induction air intake system is designed to unleash the true power of your vehicle by enhancing the vehicle's horsepower and torque response with ideal airflow dynamics. 

No Tune Required

This cold air intake system has been designed to provide superior performance for your vehicle without the need for re-tuning your truck's computer. The factory tune will work effectively with the Blackhawk Induction air intake system.

Distinctive And Unique Design

K&N Blackhawk Induction air intake system includes a black powder-coated aluminum intake tube with welded K&N plate, which provides a unique and sporty look under the hood.

Less Filter Cleaning And Maintenance Required

Blackhawk Induction air intake system houses a Blackhawk version K&N Replacement Air Filter which requires less maintenance than the oil-based filters. This also enables it to be used in drier and dustier climates, where airborne contaminants are way more plentiful than in wetter climates as the oil-based filters would be requiring more frequent cleaning.

What’s in the Box?

  • Intake Tube
  • Air Filter
  • Heat Shield
  • Edge Trim For Heat Shield
  • Couplers And Clamps For Installation
  • Instruction Manual