BD-Diesel Duramax LLY Premium Stock Injector

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If you’re looking to restore the power of your truck and solve fuel injector related issues, then the BD-Diesel Duramax LLY Premium Stock Injectors are the way to go. Brand new injectors can cost a fortune, but with an OEM approved remanufactured replacement you’ll save a lot without sacrificing anything in return!

  • BD-Diesel’s Premium Line Fuel Injector
  • Remanufactured using Brand New Bosch OE Nozzle, Solenoid, and Control Valve
  • Tested and Validated on a Bosch 815 Test Bench in Over 8 Testing Conditions
  • Precision Calibrated for Superior Flow Tolerance Compared to the Original
  • Remanufactured by Bosch Trained Technicians with 30+ Years of Experience
  • Two-year Warranty on Manufacturing and Material Defects

Top Features

Original Equipment Matters

Replacing faulty fuel injectors can get quite expensive, and we understand that. Still, it’s very important to go with the tested, OEM approved options even if there are more tempting deals out on the market. These non-OEM fuel injectors vary drastically in quality, and it’s not uncommon for them to be remanufactured without using new or even Bosch components.

BD-Diesel does not make any compromises when it comes to the component used, manufacturing process, or the quality standard. Brand new Bosch OE Nozzle, Solenoid, and Control Valve are used to bring the injector back into the original state. Bosch trained technicians handle every manufacturing step and then test each injector in the Bosch 815 test bench.

Exceptional Value for Money

Going with brand new Bosch injectors can be too expensive, while the non-OEM options do not deliver satisfying results. BD-Diesel is the perfect middle ground, giving you the dependability and performance of Bosch at the price of an aftermarket fuel injector. No other model can compete with the value of BD-Diesel Duramax LLY Premium Stock Injectors.

Great Warranty Policy

A warranty is always a nice addition when purchasing any truck component, and the BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 Premium Stock Injector comes with one of the best. A 24-month warranty on material or manufacturing issues will make sure any anomaly is covered.