BD-Diesel Duramax LLY CR Injector 60-160HP

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Gain more than just a reliable injector with the BD-Diesel Duramax LLY CR Injector and experience the impressive power performance it brings to your truck. As an OEM license remanufacturer, BD-Diesel delivers the best injectors on the market, with a very competitive price tag. Solve fuel injector problems and give your truck a boost in power at the same time.

  • High-Power Common Rail Injector Replacement
  • OE Quality Nozzles are Extrude Honed
  • Increased Atomization
  • Assembled using OE Procedures and Standards
  • Calibrated on Computerized OE Equipment for a Flow Matched Set
  • Power Increase of 60HP (33%), 90HP (43%) or 160HP (73%)
  • Two-year Warranty on Manufacturing and Material Defects
  • Sold Individually

Top Features

Original Equipment Matters

We love aftermarket components as much as anyone else, but when common-rail fuel injectors are involved, OEM is the only way to go. Unlicensed manufacturers do not need to use original or new components and do not go through rigorous testing.

To be a licensed Original Equipment remanufacturer, BD-Diesel needs to uphold a high standard necessary for injectors to run reliably. Brand new Bosch components are used in the rebuilding process, and each fuel injector is tested meticulously to ensure complete functionality. Only then can the Duramax LLY CR Injector be passed onto the customer.

Performance Boost

Why settle for stock injectors when you can get a serious increase in power at the same time? BD-Diesel Duramax LLY CR Injectors come in three power variants, adding 60HP or a 33% power increase, 90HP amounting toa 43% power increase, or 160 horsepower for an incredible 73% gain! Don’t settle for ordinary, get yourself a set of BD-Diesel fuel injectors and notice the immediate power difference.

Great Warranty Policy

Warrantied for 24 months against manufacturing errors or material defects, BD-Diesel Duramax LLY CR Injectors are guaranteed to last a long time. You will definitely appreciate the massive power boost these injectors provide too!