BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 Premium Stock Injector

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BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 Premium Stock Injector is the best replacement option for the Chevy or GMC trucks from the 2001-2004 era. Because BD-Diesel delivers Original Equipment components, their remanufactured injectors are on the level of brand new Bosch injectors, at a more competitive, aftermarket price.

  • Remanufactured using brand new Bosch OE Nozzle, Solenoid, and Control Valve
  • Tested and Validated on a Bosch 815 Test Bench in over 8 Operating Conditions
  • Precision Calibrated for Superior Flow Tolerance Compared to the Original
  • Installs in Under 6 Hours
  • Two-year Warranty on Manufacturing and Material Defects

Top Features

Original Equipment Matters

Whether brand new or remanufactured, Original Equipment makes a lot of difference, especially in the case of common-rail fuel injectors. Handling such a crucial task should never be left to a non-OEM injector, as the risk of failure and possible damage to the engine is high.

With the BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 Premium Stock Injectors, not only are you getting the OEM quality, but you’re also getting reliability and peace of mind. Don’t gamble with untested non-OEM fuel injectors that might include reused and worn out components. Play it smart, and invest in BD-Diesel Duramax Stock Injectors.

Exceptional Value For Money

Getting fuel injectors straight from Bosch is a very expensive decision and in some cases exceeds the value of the truck itself. BD-Diesel recognized this issue and started remanufacturing Bosch fuel injectors using original components and OEM procedures and standards.

For the Duramax LB7 Premium Stock Injectors, a brand new Bosch OE nozzle, solenoid, and control valve were used to create a reliable aftermarket alternative. As an added benefit, BD-Diesel Injectors have a flow tolerance of +/- 2% versus the +/- 5% for the standard Bosch model.

Great Warranty Policy

BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 Premium Stock Injectors are backed by an excellent two-year warranty on any manufacturing or material defects. You won’t find a better deal on aftermarket fuel injectors on the market than the BD-Diesel models, so restore your truck’s power and carry on driving without worries.