BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 CR Injector 60-160HP

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BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 CR Injectors deliver exceptional durability and original equipment quality expected only from Bosch. These high-performance fuel injectors deliver significant power increases which you can customize through three power levels. Boost your truck’s performance while fixing any injector-related issues.

  • High-power Common Rail (CR) Injector Replacement
  • OE Quality Nozzles are Extrude Honed
  • Increased Atomization
  • Assembled Using OE Methods and Procedures
  • Calibrated on Computerized OE Equipment for a Flow Matched Set
  • Power Increase of 60HP (33%), 90HP (43%) or 160HP (73%)
  • Sold Individually
  • Two-year Warranty on Manufacturing and Material Defects

Top Features

Original Equipment Matters

When looking into common-rail fuel injectors, be it brand new or remanufactured, going with Original Equipment truly makes a difference. Devolving such a critical job to a non-OEM part can lead to quick injector failure and even damage to the engine itself.

Installing a set of BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 CR Injectors gets you the dependability of Bosch without the hefty price. Remanufacturing fuel injectors using OEM standards and procedures leads to equal, or in the case of LB7 series, even improved performance over the original. Don’t risk serious engine damage with untested non-OEM fuel injectors, and instead invest wisely in a set of BD-Diesel injectors.

Performance Boost

On top of being a more affordable alternative to brand new injectors, BD-Diesel Duramax LB7 CR Injectors deliver a serious performance boost to your truck. Choose between three power levels for a boost of 60 hp, 90 hp, and an impressive 160 horsepower gain, raising the power by 73 percent. No other injector can deliver such a substantial increase in performance while maintaining the reliability and safety of your truck’s engine.

Great Warranty Policy

Among OEM fuel injector remanufacturers, BD-Diesel has one of the best warranty policies. A two-year warranty on manufacturing or material defects will give you peace of mind, but you can be sure these injectors are set to operate flawlessly for many years.