BD-Diesel Dodge 5.9L Cummins CR Injector 60-180HP

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BD-Diesel Dodge 5.9L Cummins CR Injectors are flow matched high-performance exchange common rail injectors supporting 60hp up to 180hp.

These injectors are assembled using original equipment procedures along with fully calibrated and tested to ensure better performance of your vehicle.

  • Extrude Honed
  • Enhanced Fuel Atomization
  • Assembled using OE Procedures
  • Calibrated Via Computerized OE Equipment For Flow Matched Sets

Top Features

Extrude Honed Design

BD-Diesel Dodge 5.9L Cummins CR Injectors are extrude honed which removes built-up carbons and any imperfections in the nozzle. This enables your vehicle to smoke less at idle and burn fuel more cleanly.

Enhanced Fuel Atomization

These injectors are designed to efficiently break the fuel into small particles properly to ensure better Air-Fuel Ratio for combustion, which enables complete and rapid combustion of the fuel preventing black smoke and better throttle response out of your vehicle.



  • 24-Months
  • Note: Manufacturing and material defects only covered. Cracks caused by high fuel pressure not covered. High Return flow not covered after 12 months on Performance Injectors


  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles
  • Sold Individually