Banks 5" Monster Exhaust System (Ford)

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Don’t settle for anything short of best and get the Banks Power Monster Exhaust system for your truck. Designed to provide better flow and less backpressure than the stock exhaust, this system delivers not only performance but also superior sound and looks thanks to the huge SideKick tip.

  • Virtually Omits BackPressure after the DPF
  • Constant-diameter 5 in. Mandrel-bent Aluminized Steel Tubing
  • Less Backpressure than Stock Exhaust
  • 60% Greater Flow than Stock Exhaust
  • Huge patented 6.5 in. x 7.5 in. Ob-round Slash-cut Exhaust Tip
  • Chrome-plated Stainless Tip Impervious to Heat-induced browning
  • Increase in Power
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Top Features

Excellent Build Quality

Created using high-quality stainless steel with aluminized coating, the Monster Exhaust system can withstand corrosion and rust as long as the coating remains intact. Designed for areas with warmer climates, this type of exhaust can last a long time if maintained correctly. 

Performance Boost

On top of being an affordable aftermarket option, the Banks Power Monster Exhaust system provides substantial performance benefits. Outlet measuring at 5 inches results in a 60% greater gas flow than the stock option and leads to less back pressure. As a result, it lets the engine breathe and produce more power, while simultaneously improving fuel efficiency.

Reduced Exhaust Temperatures

One of the main features that separate the Monster Exhaust system from the competition is the focus on creating the most optimal airflow. The result is an exhaust system that has lower exhaust gas temperatures than either stock or other aftermarket options. 

This is an important aspect of any truck with a Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. As the DPF cycles, extreme temperatures are produced and spread through the exhaust system. Dealing with this issue is Banks Power’s specialty, and through the use of SideKick exhaust tip, temperatures are brought down below the standard threshold.

Warranty Policy

A one-year limited warranty is more than enough to test the Monster Exhaust System for any manufacturing flaws or material issues, after which it’s set to last you for several years. Drive with peace of mind, knowing that Banks Power has your back at all times!