Airdog II-4G DF-200

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Raise your fuel system to a new level with the Airdog II-4G DF-200 lift pump designed for diesel engines. A versatile option capable of supplying a wide range of engines with a stable supply of fuel, the Airdog II-4G DF-200 is one of the best aftermarket fuel lift pumps for stock or heavily modified diesel trucks.

  • Dual Feed Gerotor Pump
  • 200 Gallons Per Hour Fuel Flow
  • Efficient And Durable Low Amperage Motor
  • Intermediate Pump Shaft Separates Fuel From Motor
  • Eliminates Spray Pattern Disruption
  • Better Power Output
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increase In Torque
  • More Responsive Throttle
  • Reduction In Exhaust Emissions
  • Smoother Idle And Acceleration
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Performance Boost

The Airdog II-4G DF-200 outperforms stock fuel systems in every way, making it a much-needed addition to your truck. You can expect improvements in fuel economy, torque, and power output, as well as a better response on the throttle and reduced exhaust emissions.

As your engine will have more optimized performance, it will last much longer. The Airdog II-4G DF-200 manages all of that while also being one of the quietest aftermarket lift pumps on the market. With a fuel flow of 200 gallons per hour, Airdog can easily supply even the most modified engines with sufficient fuel supply.

Complete Package

Why settle just an excellent lift pump, when you can get a complete fuel system with the Airdog II-4G DF-200! Not only do you get a lift pump, but also a WS100 water separator, and FF100-2 fuel filter with 2-micron tolerance, all combined in a compact package.

As the Airdog II-4G DF-200 removes water vapor and entrained air from the filtered fuel, your engine is receiving only the cleanest fuel. This improves the lifespan of fuel injectors which are an expensive and important component in your engine’s operation.


You won’t find a better warranty deal than the one offered with the Airdog II-4G DF-200 diesel fuel system. A limited lifetime warranty serves as a stamp of approval from Airdog and guarantees that this fuel system will be the only one your truck is ever going to need.

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