Airdog II-4G DF-165

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Give your truck a well-deserved performance boost and the cleanest fuel with the Airdog II-4G DF-165 diesel fuel system. Not only is this fuel pump capable of keeping up with moderately modified systems thanks to the 165 gallons per hour of fuel flow, it is also a highly reliable system that is not going to fail you.

  • Dual Feed Gerotor Pump
  • 165 Gallons Per Hour Fuel Flow
  • Efficient And Durable Low Amperage Motor
  • Intermediate Pump Shaft Separates Fuel From Motor
  • Eliminates Spray Pattern Disruption
  • Better Power Output
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increase In Torque
  • More Responsive Throttle
  • Reduction In Exhaust Emissions
  • Smoother Idle And Acceleration
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Performance Boost

The stock fuel pump may be adequate for a stock truck, but if as soon as you try to gain a bit more power, the pump might start causing fuel starvation problems. To solve this issue, Airdog II-4G DF-165 has a fuel flow of 165 gallons per hour, meaning your engine is never going to skip a beat. Not only that, but the precise injection improves several aspects of engine operation, allowing for a full power stroke and a complete burn.

This results in more torque and horsepower for a noticeable difference in performance. Throttle will become more responsive and the engine will operate smoothly when idle. Thanks to the better fuel consumption, you’ll also experience a reduction in exhaust emissions, which is a very important aspect. Boasting one of the quietest lift pumps, the Airdog’s II-4G DF-165 is an option you’ll truly appreciate!

Complete Package

If you’re going with an aftermarket lift pump, why not replace the stock filters as well? The Airdog II-4G DF-165 comes with a fuel-air separation system consisting of the WS100 water separator and the FF100-2 fuel filter with a tolerance of 2 microns.

Now you’ll not only get the ideal amount of fuel to the engine no matter the situation, but also the cleanest fuel possible. This will significantly extend the durability of your engine, especially the fuel injectors which are an expensive component to replace. Save in more ways than one with the Airdog II-46 DF-165 fuel system.


The Airdog II-4G DF-165 has one of the best warranty policies out of any lift pump system. A limited lifetime warranty has you covered should any manufacturing issues or craftsmanship errors emerge. Drive with full confidence in your fuel system by installing the Airdog’s excellent lift pump!

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