Airdog II-4G DF-100

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Whether your truck is stock or has some modifications to bring out more power, having a steady supply of pure fuel is a very important part of its operation. The Airdog II-4G DF-100 fuel system includes a lift pump, a water separator, and a fuel filter to supply your engine with the cleanest fuel for superior performance and longevity.

  • Dual Feed Gerotor Pump
  • 100 Gallons Per Hour Fuel Flow
  • Efficient And Durable Low Amperage Motor
  • Intermediate Pump Shaft Separates Fuel From Motor
  • Eliminates Spray Pattern Disruption
  • Better Power Output
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • More Responsive Throttle
  • Smoother Idle And Acceleration
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Build Quality

Airdog has always held a reputation for holding high standards of manufacture. Each component is made out of high-quality materials to ensure life-long functionality. This is reflected in a number of features of the Airdog II-4G DF-100 that make it stand out from the competition.

Airdog makes some of the quietest operating pumps thanks to the gerotor pump with dual flow. As it uses an intermediate pump shaft, the electric motor is secured from any potential contact with the fuel. A self-aligning motor does result in less maintenance and a better lifespan of the pump.

Complete Package

The Airdog II-4G DF-100 provides you with so much more than the stock lift pump. Not only is the Airdog lift pump a better option, but it also comes equipped with the WS100 water separator and FF100-2 fuel filter with a tolerance of 2 microns.

The final result is a steady flow of fuel without imperfections which can cause fuel injector issues among many possible complications. Do not settle for a mediocre option as you’ll highly appreciate the Airdog II-4G DF-100 every time you turn the key.


Carefully designed, Airdog II-4G DF-100 can be installed on a number of truck models and is expected to last for as long as the truck without the need for a replacement. This claim is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on production and materials.

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