Airdog FP-150

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Give your engine a stable fuel supply with the Airdog FP-150 fuel system! Consisting of a lift pump, water separator, and fuel filter, the FP-150 is designed to support a range of Ford, Chevy Duramax, and Dodge Cummins engines and provide an upgrade over the stock lift pump systems.

  • 150 GPH Flow Rates
  • Purifies Fuel
  • Removes Air And Vapor
  • Longer Injection Pump Lifespan
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Smoother Idle And Acceleration
  • Eliminated Spray Pattern Disruption
  • Longer Injector Lifespan
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Top Features

Better Performance

Installing the Airdog FP-150 fuel system will provide a series of benefits to your truck’s performance. Through the optimal fuel flow, your engine will achieve greater combustion, which will result in not only an increase in horsepower but torque as well.

This also leads to a superior fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. Throttle response will receive a significant improvement together with engine idle operation. The benefits of the Airdog FP-150 lift pump and fuel filtration system far outmatch the stock or other aftermarket replacements.

Reliable System

The Airdog FP-150 has been made out of the highest-quality materials with rigorous accuracy standards to ensure longevity and ideal operation through years of use. This means that you will drastically save in the long run as there will be no need to replace the lift pump ever again. Simply swap out the Airdog WS100 water separator and the FF100-2 fuel filter in proper intervals, and you’re good to go!


Many claim that their systems can really outlast the vehicles they are installed on, but Airdog doesn’t stop there. Every Airdog FP-150 lift pump comes with a limited lifetime warranty protecting you against any issues which come as a result of manufactur or craftsmanship. Drive confidently as the Airdog FP-150 lift pump keeps providing a steady fuel supply to your truck’s engine!

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