Ford Powerstroke 2020 6.7L Shocks and Struts

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Home Ford Powerstroke 2020 6.7L Shocks and Struts
Home Ford Powerstroke 2020 6.7L Shocks and Struts

The 2020 model year 6.7L Powerstroke came with minor yet unfavorable changes; The main one being the lowered ride height. Although the reliability of the suspension did improve, it's still a heavy-duty truck.

Luckily, the bright minds of Carli, Fox, and Pure Performance, worked on creating shocks, struts, coils, sway bars, and leaf springs that will further improve your 2020 model year Powerstroke. We at HeavyWeight Diesel choose the best products from what they created, stocking our shelves with them. We also stock multiple lift kits so that our customers can reverse Ford’s changes while improving their trucks' overall driveability.

Whether you're using your truck for work, as a daily driver or you want to create a dedicated off-roader, we have parts to help you with your goal. If you're uncertain of how to proceed, we invite you to contact our technicians who have worked on heavy-duty trucks their whole lives, and they're ready to help out!

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