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Home GM Duramax Shocks and Struts

The General Motors Duramax trucks are quite powerful, and more than capable of overcoming every challenge in their way. However, there's one common problem with these heavy-duty trucks. From off-roading, pulling heavy loads, and even daily driving, the suspension on Duramax trucks is prone to issues. At HeavyWeight Diesel, we spend time carefully choosing suspension parts from Bilstein, FOX, and Carli, so that your Duramax doesn't run into these problems. We stock everything from shocks, struts, coils to complete leveling, and lift kits. Lift kits will not only improve the look of your Duramax, but you'll also be able to fit 35" tires!

A bouncy ride, rattling noises from under the truck, or shaking of the steering wheel (the infamous "death wobble") are common signs of a blown suspension. To keep your truck from suffering further damages, we at HeavyWeight Diesel advise you to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Contact us if you need help choosing the right suspension part for your model year Duramax.

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