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Home GM Duramax Exhaust Systems
Powerful diesel engines such as Duramax need to be controlled by various filters to keep up with the emissions regulations. GM has done precisely that with Duramax engines, but quite a bit of power, fuel economy, and sound have been left on the table.

A high-quality exhaust system can offer a beautiful roaring sound and quite a bit more horsepower, as well as torque. The difference between a stock and an aftermarket exhaust system is the design and number of mufflers. A good design allows the gases to flow better, and resonate a better sound. The lack of mufflers on aftermarket exhaust systems enables your truck to produce a louder sound, and the gases don't have to go through as many mufflers, allowing better airflow.

We at HeavyWeight Diesel work with manufacturers such as aFe Power, Silverline, and MBRP, to deliver our customers products of the highest quality. If you still have trouble picking the right exhaust system for your GM Duramax, feel free to reach out to our technicians for advice!
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