GM Duramax Air Intakes and Filters

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Home GM Duramax Air Intakes and Filters

GM's Duramax is a series of engines with excellent potential. The best way to start unlocking that potential is by allowing your truck to breathe with an aftermarket air intake system. GM did make an efficient air intake system, going so far as to add an air scoop on the hood of your truck. However, an aftermarket air intake system will increase the performance of your Duramax, lower the exhaust gas temperature, and support further modifications. An air intake system combined with an exhaust system and a quality tuner will make your Duramax perform way above the expectations.

Aftermarket parts manufacturers such as aFe Power, S&B, and Airaid have designed air intake systems with larger throttle bodies and air filters that decrease the restriction of airflow for an increase in horsepower and torque. At Heavyweight Diesel we manufacture only intake systems of the highest quality. - Systems that will allow you to further modify your Duramax to extremes!

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