Ford Powerstroke Shocks and Struts

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Home Ford Powerstroke Shocks and Struts

Your Ford Powerstroke is capable of handling everything, from simple daily tasks to pulling heavy workloads to conquering mountains. While doing so, the suspension will be under heavy pressure, and over time, you will experience an uncomfortable ride. Even worse, you might notice steering wheel shaking, a bouncy ride, or cranks and rattles coming from the underside of your truck. HeavyWeight Diesel recommends taking care of the problem right away, and we're here to help! We stock shocks, leaf springs, struts, coils, and everything else you might need to tighten up your Powerstroke! The products HeavyWeight Diesel stocks are from well-respected manufacturers such as Bilstein, FOX, and Carli, so you know the products are of the highest quality.

Alternatively, you might enjoy riding higher, for which we invite you to look through the lift kits we offer. Installing a lift kit will not only improve the look of your truck, but you'll be able to fit the 35" tires on your Powerstroke. Contact HeavyWeight Diesel for more info, we can also offer advice on which lift kit is the best for your model year Powerstroke.

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