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Home Ford Powerstroke Injectors

Ford Powerstroke utilizes a design that can be controlled entirely by the ECM. The system might suffer in durability, but it maximizes performance while minimizing emissions. The fuel system consists of a fuel filter, high-pressure and low-pressure pumps mounted on the frame rail. The frame rail is a part of the diesel fuel conditioning module that supplies fuel to the injectors.

Powerstroke (and other diesel powerplants) fuel systems are driven simultaneously via the Fuel Control Module (FCM) and ECU of the vehicle. While the inclusion of these electronic systems has been the cause of many a headache, the system provides maximum performance and ideal emissions when running correctly.

The fuel system consists of an in-tank fuel pump or an external lift pump (mounted to the frame rail), a high pressure fuel pump, and fuel injectors, along with all the lines and fittings along the way to deliver the fuel.

Faulty or failing fuel injectors can cause hesitation, rough idle, an excess amount of black smoke, and many more issues. Over time, fuel injectors can also cause your truck to lose power. Cleaning them can solve the issue in some cases - but if not, at Heavyweight Diesel we bring you only the highest quality fuel injectors that take care of it! New fuel injectors can significantly improve your horsepower, torque, and throttle response!

We also recommend a quality tuner that will allow you to get the most benefit out of your new injectors. - Doing so will 'wake up' your Powerstroke.

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