Ford Powerstroke Air Intakes and Filters

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Home Ford Powerstroke Air Intakes and Filters

The Ford Powerstroke has a somewhat restrictive air intake system. Replacing it with an aftermarket intake will allow your truck to breathe. We at HeavyWeight Diesel offer air intakes and filters from Airaid, S&B, aFe Power, and Banks Power, which will improve your truck's performance, fuel mileage, and longevity.

A quality aftermarket air intake will provide your truck with enough airflow, and that will result in better and more efficient combustions. You can expect an increase in the overall performance of your truck, but if you're looking to optimize your Powerstroke even more, combine the air intake with an exhaust and a tuner. Doing so will result in an extremely efficient system and a healthy truck with extraordinary performance numbers on a relatively low budget.

An air filter can allow more oxygen to go through, but it can also allow dirt and debris particles to enter your engine and cause wear. If you drive your truck only on pavement, a more open-air filter will be a better option. For advice on which air filter to purchase, feel free to contact our technicians at HeavyWeight Diesel.

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