Duramax 2020 L5P Air Intakes and Filters

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Home Duramax 2020 L5P Air Intakes and Filters
Home Duramax 2020 L5P Air Intakes and Filters

General Motors have invested a lot of resources into making the 2020 L5P Duramax powerful. But, aftermarket manufacturers that focus on a truck's airflow only, such as aFe Power, Banks, S&B, and AEM know exactly how to make an optimal air intake system. If power and efficiency are what you're looking for, supplying the engine with adequate airflow is a great way to start! HeavyWeight Diesel stocks air intakes that allow for clean and continuous airflow into your truck's engine, achieving more power and better mileage with quality combustions. Equipping your L5P Duramax with an air intake, exhaust, and a programmer will result in an even more efficient system.

The air filter is a crucial part of an air intake system, it prevents contaminating particles from entering the combustion chamber, preventing engine malfunction as well as oil contamination. However, the decision on which air filter to purchase should be based on your environment and use. Contact our HeavyWeight Diesel staff, and we'll help you with your decision!

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