Dodge Cummins Shocks and Struts

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Home Dodge Cummins Shocks and Struts
Home Dodge Cummins Shocks and Struts
Dodge Cummins is an all-around excellent truck, but it does have it's own issues. One of the problems being the infamous "death wobble" that every Cummins owner is far too familiar with. At HeavyWeight Diesel, we stock suspension parts from Bilstein, FOX, BDS, and a few other manufacturers. We stock parts that were carefully chosen so that you're able to tow, off-road, or lift your truck next to fixing the common Cummins suspension issues.

It's well known that the suspension has the most impact on your truck's 'feel' and driveability; Even the smallest issue might result in an uncomfortable ride. That's why we offer everything from complete lift kits to shocks, struts, ball joints, stabilizer bearings, sway bars, coils, and a few other parts.

Not every Cummins model is the same, Dodge began utilizing completely new suspension components in 2013, for example. Before purchasing suspension parts, it's essential to know whether the parts fit your model year Cummins. If you're uncertain, or you just need help deciding what the best part for your setup is, feel free to contact our technicians at HeavyWeight diesel.
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