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Dodge Cummins diesel fuel injectors are quite reliable. However, over time, they can get damaged or worn out. That can result in injectors skipping, loss of power, excessive fuel consumption, and many other issues. The main reasons fuel injectors get damaged are low-quality fuel and natural wear-and-tear over a period of time.

If your Cummins' injectors are failing, or you'd like to upgrade to more powerful aftermarket fuel injectors, we at HeavyWeight Diesel stock products from Dynomite Diesel, BD-Power, Empire Performance, and many other well-known manufacturers. We also stock other fuel-related components so that you can replace the entire fuel system. Next to fuel systems, we recommend a quality tuner that will utilize and optimize the new system, providing your Cummins with even more power. And if you need some advice, please feel free to reach out to our technicians!

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