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Home Dodge Cummins Exhaust Systems

Dodge Cummins is a series of powerful diesel engines that can produce a tremendous amount of power. However, Dodge has to follow emissions regulations and design exhaust systems with filters. An aftermarket exhaust system can provide your Cummins with more power, better fuel mileage, and a great sound. For even more performance, it's best to combine the exhaust system with a quality tune for optimal efficiency.

A well-designed exhaust system should properly vent engine gases without restriction. The gases vented are very hot, so the pipes must be heat-resistant. An aftermarket exhaust system does produce more power, but it also creates a louder and meaner sound.

We at HeavyWeight Diesel stock products from aFe Power, MBRP, and Banks Power; the best manufacturers in the industry. To further improve gains your exhaust system, we recommend picking up a quality tuner for Dodge Cummins.

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