Dodge Cummins Air Intakes and Filters

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Home Dodge Cummins Air Intakes and Filters
Home Dodge Cummins Air Intakes and Filters

The Dodge Cummins series of engines have relatively efficient airboxes. However, if you're looking for performance, an air intake system is one of the best modifications you can do to your truck. By providing your engine with adequate airflow, you will notice better performance numbers, improved mileage, and your engine will run smoother. We at HeavyWeight Diesel offer air intake systems manufactured by aFe Power, Banks Power, and S&B that have been designed to optimize the airflow to your Cummins.

Air filters, a part of the air intake system, should be replaced more often since it serves to protect your engine from wear and oil contamination. An air filter that isn't correct for your environment can allow particulates other than air through to your truck's engine. Other than air intakes and filters, we also stock cleaning kits. Feel free to contact our HeavyWeight Diesel technicians for advice on the best air intake system for your Dodge Cummins or the best air filter for your environment.

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