2020 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L Parts and Accessories

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Home Powerstroke 2020 6.7L
Home Powerstroke 2020 6.7L

Ford was able to push the 2020 model year 6.7L Powerstroke even further than previous model years. The most notable change was the ten-speed Torqshift transmission and its ability to always keep the truck at optimal torque levels. Its other benefits are a smoother ride, consistent boost, and a much better fuel economy. Achieving 475 horsepower and 1050 pounds of torque, Ford upgraded most engine parts, allowing the super duty truck to conquer every single challenge in its way. However, the suspension and it's ride height could be upgraded, especially if you're taking your Powerstroke off-road. At HeavyWeight Diesel, you'll find multiple lift kits from Bilstein, Carli, and Fox, all designed to improve ride height and driving comfort.

With the parts we have at HeavyWeight Diesel stock, you can also upgrade the engine, the fuel system, axels, gears, and steering, but doing so will require a bit of effort and knowledge. Luckily, our HeavyWeight Diesel staff knows exactly how to squeeze every drop of power from the 2020 6.7L Powerstroke! Contact us, and we'd be more than happy to help!

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