Banks Ram-Air Intake System

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Banks Ram-Air Intake System is designed for enhancing your vehicle's horsepower by delivering cold high density airflow straight to turbo inlet for efficient fuel burning. It strikes the right chords by ensuring minimum restrictions and pressure loss for preserving the air density by using an enclosed cold-air housing and streamlined design.

  • Enclosed And Compact Cold-air Housing
  • Huge Filter For Maximizing High-flow Filtration
  • Ensures Cooler Temperature For Engine
  • Reduced Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • 5-year Limited Warranty
  • Extended Service Life With Lesser Cleaning Requirements
  • Clean And Efficient Engine Operations
  • Tested By Bank's Patented Air Density Testing Method
  • Accommodates Engine Movement And Prevents Component Damage
  • Oiled or Dry Air Filter Element Options
  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty on Filter Element
  • Reusable Cotton Gauze Filter Needing Lesser Cleaning
  • Emissions Compliant: Carb EO #D-161-100

Vehicle Fitment

Dodge / Cummins: '94-18

Ford / Powerstroke: '99-16

GM / Duramax: '01-19

Top Features

Rigorously Tested And Evaluated

Bank's Patented Engine Performance Evaluation method (USPTO-7,254,477) involves monitoring critical parameters like percent density gain or loss, power output, power output gain or loss, intake air flow direction, etc. on the dyno. This air intake system is triple validated enabling you to get the best money could buy!

Longer Service Life

Banks Ram-Air Intake System has integrated 4-1/2" bellows for accommodating engine movement. This ensures protection to components from damage along with extended service life. It also works organically with other vehicle components to prevent any fault or error codes.

More Air Density. More Horsepower. Period

Airflow is just half the story. High air intake density is the real deal for Ram-Air Intake Systems. The Banks Ram-Air Intake System ensures delivery of cold, dense and high-pressure air to the turbo's inlet ensuring enhanced power, performance and efficiency out of your vehicle.

Designed For Performance

Banks Ram-Air Intake System comes with enclosed cold-air housing which prevents intrusion of power-robbing hot air. It also features a huge inlet and giant dome-shaped filter with Synthetic Filter Media, working in unison to maximize the flow of dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy.

Easy Filter Maintenance

Due to its simple design, the air filter can be accessed easily for monitoring and cleaning purposes. This saves you from the hassle of visiting a mechanic having to disassemble your airbox just to check the filter. On top of that, you just need to simply clean and re-oil the filter instead of replacing it.

What’s in the Box

  • Intake Pipe
  • Cold Air Box
  • Silicone Coupler
  • Air Filter
  • Two Strip Seals For Sealing Hood And Fender of Housing Enclosure
  • Instruction Manual
  • Two Hose Clamps
  • Screws for sealing the housing shut