2006 - 2007 Duramax LBZ Parts and Accessories

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Home Duramax 2006 - 2007 LBZ
Home Duramax 2006 - 2007 LBZ

In order to comply with emissions regulations in 2007, GM had to upgrade the Duramax's computer system, allowing for more fuel injection. The 2006-2007 LBZ Duramax also received a few other modifications that helped produce 360 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque. The LBZ Duramax became a perfect platform to build upon, whether you were off-roading, towing, sled-pulling, or high-performance driving. At HeavyWeight Diesel, we stock up-to-date engine, transmission, and suspension parts that will make your Duramax that much more powerful.

Once you're done upgrading your truck, it's time to focus on the exterior! HeavyWeight Diesel stocks are carefully chosen visual modifications that follow the LBZ Duramax's design lines. Express yourself and make your truck stand out from the crowd no matter where you are.

HeavyWeight Diesel staff has helped many of our customers build powerful trucks, and we'd be more than happy to offer you that help, so feels free to contact us!

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