2004.5 - 2005 Duramax LLY Shocks and Struts

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Home 2004.5 - 2005 Duramax LLY Shocks and Struts
Home 2004.5 - 2005 Duramax LLY Shocks and Struts

The 2004.5-2005 model year LLY Duramax is a truck capable of towing and climbing mountains. However, to get to that point, suspension upgrades are required. Tire shaking, body rocking, or a bouncy ride are all symptoms of a damaged suspension, but many of us disregard the issue. We at HeavyWeight Diesel work every day to help Duramax owners fix the common problems by stocking suspension parts from FOX, King, Bilstein, and others.

We stock shock absorbers, steering shafts, dampers, springs, coils, sway bars, entire lift-kits, and many more quality suspension parts. We make sure that the products we store deliver the promised quality so that you're able to tow heavy workloads and climb every rock with your LLY Duramax.

The suspension is what impacts driveability the most. It can be the difference between an uncomfortable ride and an enjoyable one. However, setting up the suspension to be perfect requires time and effort. If you ever get stuck, contact HeavyWeight Diesel; we're here to help!

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