Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

Off-Road Bandit TeamMar 18, '21

If you’re a proud Dodge Ram 2500 diesel owner, you know what a smooth ride it is. Courtesy of standard Bilstein shocks, the Ram cruises over the road and off-road terrain without a hitch.

But after 50,000 miles, even the best shocks can reach the end of their useful life depending on their use. So if you’ve noticed a bumpy ride or potholes shaking your vehicle to its core, you might want to start shopping around for new shocks.

How Do I Choose Shocks For My RAM 2500 Diesel?

Not all shocks are created equal. Some are fine-tuned for the off-road while others are better for everyday driving. That’s why you should use a few guidelines before deciding on the new shocks for your Dodge Ram 2500. Here are some of the top considerations to help you choose shocks for your Ram 2500 Diesel.

Ride Height

The ride height of your Ram 2500 Diesel has an impact on what shocks you choose. In most cases, if you find a shock you like, the product will have different part numbers or serial numbers that pertain to the lift height and expected shock travel. So if you’re still riding at factory height, you won’t have any problems. But if you’ve lifted or leveled your truck, make sure you’re buying the right set of shocks.

High-Performance or Heavy-Duty Shocks

If you have a Ram 2500 Diesel that came equipped with high-performance or heavy-duty shocks, you’ll probably want to replace them with a similar product. Therefore, you’ll need shocks that can handle the added spring stiffness associated with heavy-duty shocks.

OEM or Not?

If you already love the feel of your shocks and how your vehicle rides, OEM shocks are probably the best option for your needs. Besides, choosing OEM can take the research and guesswork out of buying new shocks. More than likely, these will be Bilstein shocks, and you can simply look at the serial number on the original part to find an adequate replacement.

For drivers who want to upgrade their shocks, the process of finding the ideal parts is a bit more involved. In this case, you’ll have to consider why you’re upgrading your shocks (off-roading, hauling, heavy towing) to guide you in the right direction. And with any other type of aftermarket part, you’ll also need to create a budget to determine how much you’re willing to spend.

Review of the Best Shocks For Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

With options for off-roading, pavement driving, or heavy-duty usage, shocks for the Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel come in several brands, varieties, and options. So if you’re lost or don’t know where to start, here are some reviews of the best shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel to get you started.

Best Overall: FOX Performance Series 2.0 Smooth Body IFP


  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Aluminum construction combines lightness with durability
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy, bolt-on installation
  • High-flow piston design for better performance


  • Not as smooth of a ride as some drivers wanted

What Recent Buyers Report

Overall, FOX Performance Series 2.0 Smooth Body IFP shocks deliver as advertised, offering quick, easy installation and smooth ride. However, some buyers report that the ride isn’t as smooth as OEM shocks, as well as some modifications necessary in the installation process.

Why It Stands Out to Us

FOX Performance is one of the most reputable names in shocks, offering quality products since 1978. And with a one-year warranty, overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a seemingly seamless bolt-on installation process, this product checks the boxes.

Bottom Line

Highly affordable and with a high-end design, FOX Performance Series 2.0 Smooth Body IFP shocks are some of the best available on the market for the Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel.

Runner-up: Bilstein 5160 Series


  • All hardware included
  • Cool-looking aesthetic
  • Two-year warranty
  • Designed to tackle off-road environments
  • Works well with leveled trucks


  • Expensive compared to some other options

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that Bilstein 5160 Series shocks deliver a smoother ride and more stability than OEM parts. Some also state that the alluring aesthetic of the shocks adds another dimension to the look of their vehicle. Conversely, some buyers also state that they had to buy additional hardware due to durability issues with the included hardware.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Bilstein shocks have been a synonymous brand with the Dodge Ram for decades. So if you’re going to replace your shocks, you may as well go with a trusted brand. Throw in a two-year warranty, great looks, and improved off-road prowess, and these shocks are sure to satisfy your needs.

Bottom Line

Bilstein 5160 Series shocks are some of the best money can buy. Just ask Ram owners and those who value a smooth ride. But if you’re worried about your budget, you may want to look at other available options.

Best for the Money: Bilstein B6 4600 Series


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cool color scheme to add an interesting aesthetic
  • Consistent fade-free performance
  • Velocity-sensitive piston that adapts to different road conditions
  • Highly affordable


  • Only for Stock Height
What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, Bilstein B6 4600 Series shocks are perhaps the best value buy in the world of shocks. For a small sum, the look, fade-free performance, and excellent looks provide a trifecta of benefits at a fraction of the price. That said, some buyers also state that these shocks provide a rough ride and can feel every little bump, even on paved roads.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Bilstein offers a quality product with a long-standing reputation. And at this price with a lifetime warranty, few other products will match both the affordability and peace of mind at these shocks.

Bottom Line

For the money, you won’t find as reputable a purchase as Bilstein B6 4600 Series shocks, making it an ideal choice for the budget-conscious buyer. But those looking for a smoother ride on both pavement or off-road terrain may want to look elsewhere.

Editor's Pick: Bilstein B8 5100 Series


  • Specific for lifted or leveled trucks
  • Monotube design for fade-free performance
  • Velocity-sensitive piston that changes ride to road conditions
  • Perfect for both off-road and everyday driving
  • Affordable compared to other aftermarket shocks


  • Not made for hardcore off-roading

What Recent Buyers Report

Bilstein B8 5100 Series shocks offer awesome light off-roading and pavement capabilities, according to recent buyers. However, the ride isn’t as firm as some other aftermarket shocks, which provides extra movement that some drivers don’t like.

Why It Stands Out to Us

With a versatile approach, this product provides an excellent option for the everyday driver and commuter, as well as the weekend warrior that likes to tear up off-road trails. It also has a design that translates well to stock, lifted, and leveled trucks.

Bottom Line

With a mix of reliability, versatility, and affordability, Bilstein B8 5100 Series shocks provide everything a driver needs to enjoy a smooth ride, regardless of the terrain. However, those looking for more off-road capable shocks may want to look elsewhere.

Honorable Mention: FOX Performance Series 2.0 Reservoir Series


  • Chrome-plated and heat-treated alloy shafts for maximum durability
  • Bolt-on assembly
  • Anodized aluminum construction for maximum heat dissipation
  • All hardware included
  • Designed for off-road driving


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Some hassle required with installation despite bolt-on

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that FOX Performance Series 2.0 Reservoir Series shocks perform well in off-road conditions, making it the ideal choice for all-terrain enthusiasts or those who routinely work off the pavement. However, installation can be difficult for novice DIYers, making professional installation a necessity.

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you’re searching for FOX quality shocks without breaking the bank, the Reservoir Series has you covered. It’s a bit more affordable than the Performance Series while still offering the same quality that’s made FOX famous.

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for an upgrade to your current shocks that can handle all the bumps and dips of the off-road, you won’t find a better choice than FOX Performance Series 2.0 Reservoir Series.

Safety Considerations for Installing/Removing Shocks

To preface the process of installation or removing shocks, remember that this isn’t an easy task for novice mechanics. So if you’re a novice DIYer or don’t feel confident installing or removing shocks, leave it up to the professionals. But if you have some knowledge of vehicles or you have the desire to learn how to install shocks, don’t forget about safety first and foremost.

Personal Protective Equipment

As with any type of vehicle maintenance, make sure you’re always wearing personal protective equipment. As nerdy as you might look, eyewear, gloves, and long sleeves should all be worn while you’re installing or removing shocks.

Do You Need a Spring Compressor?

In some cases, the shocks and springs of a vehicle are integrated. That means that you can’t readily remove the shocks without compressing the springs. However, these springs have super-high tension and need a specialized tool called a spring compressor. You can rent a spring compressor from an auto parts store, but make sure that you know how to use it. If a spring pops out, it can do severe damage to surrounding objects and even be fatal to a human. They’re called ‘widow-makers’ for a reason!

Proper Installation

Now that you’ve put on personal protective equipment and removed the springs, you’ll want to ensure you complete the installation process correctly. If you don’t complete the installation process correctly, you risk damage to the vehicle and may also put yourself in harm’s way. So before you go zooming down the highway, take your Ram 2500 Diesel on a slow drive through the neighborhood. By doing so, you ensure everything feels right, and that you properly completed the installation process.

Perks of Getting New Shocks

When you replace the shocks on your Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, you’ll get some perks. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to replace the shocks, here are some of the benefits of a fresh, new set.

Improved Steering

Because shocks stabilize the ride of the vehicle, the body won’t lean too far in one direction or the other when turning or cornering. So when you have bad shocks, you don’t have pinpoint control and may also feel vibrations in the steering wheel. Once you replace the shocks, your steering improves while also giving you complete control over the vehicle.

Enhanced Comfort

Comfort is perhaps the most noticeable aspect of a set of quality shocks. With new shock absorbers, your Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel will ride more smoothly, gliding over potholes and other imperfections on the road. And if you buy heavy-duty or high-performance shocks, you’ll also notice a marked impact on the smoothness of the drive, even when towing a heavy load or hitting the off-road.

Better Stability

Along with better steering and comfort, shocks also play a vital role in stability and safety. One of the main objectives of shocks is to keep tires in contact with the road at all times. As a result, the handling and braking response from your vehicle improves.

Get a Shockingly Smooth Ride by Upgrading Your Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

With a new pair of shocks for your Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, you not only get a better, smoother ride, but you also get a boost to drivability and safety. So if you notice your ride getting a little too bumpy for comfort, upgrade or replace your shocks. Once you get back behind the wheel, you’ll be shockingly surprised how much better your vehicle rides.

People Also Ask

Shocks are fairly complex aftermarket parts, which can cause many people to have questions and concerns about them.

Will Better Shocks Improve Ride Quality?

Better shocks, or more expensive options, may improve ride quality. But more commonly, better shocks are designed for specific purposes. So if you replace old shocks with ones specifically for off-roading, your off-road experience will improve. The same can be said for heavy-duty shocks or those geared toward towing and hauling.

Do You Need an Alignment After Replacing Shocks?

Despite the common misconception that you need an alignment after replacing your shocks, you generally don’t need one. However, the owners of lifted or leveled trucks may want to get an alignment as a failsafe and to guarantee better overall ride and stability.

Should I Replace Front and Rear Shocks at the Same Time?

Replacing your front and rear shocks at the same time isn’t necessary unless they’re both worn or at the end of their useful life. But for the sake of a smooth ride, the best plan of action is to replace the front or the back in pairs. So if the right rear shock is failing, replace both rear shocks.